Cildacare - Personalised Care for Learning Disabilities

The government in 2001 stated in its white paper, Valuing People that: "People have equal rights as citizens and services for people with learning disabilities should promote inclusion, independence and choice"

Learning disabilities vary from person to person; the disability can be mild, moderate, severe, profound, or even multiple. In most cases there will be some reduced intellectual ability, and in some there may also be physical or emotional conditions. Each case is different and affects the day to day living of the individual in different ways.

To make sure that people with learning disability can lead a full and rewarding life, Cildacare will create a regimen of care elements to help with the aspects of day to day living that could otherwise cause problems and isolation. This can be from simple care in the home, through to help with social inclusion, help with managing appointments and travel, or caring for families to give them some respite from the daily routine.

By promoting independent living for those with learning disabilities, Cildacare can help make a big difference to the lives of not only the person concerned but also their families.

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