Cildacare - Personalised Care for Independent Living

In the UK, over 10 million people are currently living with some form of physical disability. Whether your disability is from birth or from illness or injury in later life, the right care can make the world of difference to how you manage to live independently at home, doing as much as you can for yourself and getting that all important help with the rest.

Independent living is more possible than it ever was before with funding options such as Direct Payments, Individual Service Funds, and Individual Budgets. By giving access to help and care at home this brings a welcome level of choice and control. In turn this makes it possible to stay in the comfort and safety of your own home, getting on with life in familiar surroundings for longer, either delaying or removing entirely the need to move into full time residential care.

By putting together a care regimen focused on the specific needs of the person, in collaboration with family, friends and healthcare professionals, quality of life and independence can be enhanced. Elements of a centre around:

  • Personal home care
  • Practical help at home
  • Social inclusion
  • Admin and travel arrangements
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