Cildacare - Independent Living for Elderly People

In 2012, one in six of the UK population was aged 65 or over. This figure is expected to be one in four by 2050. Age affects in different ways the ability of older people to enjoy quality of life and independence living in their own home. For this reason, home care services are becoming more important and more in demand to make sure that older family members are safe, comfortable, healthy and above all, happy living independently.

Highly personalised care for ageing family members

The philosophy at Cildacare is to help and encourage independence with support and attention to enhance the feeling of independence while being there to pick up and do whatever is necessary for that person at that time. Every care regimen is created for the individual to make sure that their needs are met, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Providing this level of person centred care and support in the community can help greatly to prevent or delay the need for higher intensity and more costly care in residential homes. Independence has been shown to increase the feeling of well being too, so

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